Bremer Canyon Killer Whale (Orca) Expedition

From AUD $399.00
  • Duration: 8 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Bremer Bay, WA
  • Product code: PXFDTJ

Embark on an extraordinary Killer Whale Expedition with Naturaliste Charters, the leading Whale Watching experts in Bremer Bay.

Departing daily from December to April, this extraordinary journey takes you to one of Earth's least explored places, where an astonishing array of marine wildlife awaits. Delve into the heart of Bremer Canyon on a globally acclaimed, 8-hour expedition to witness the majestic Killer Whales (Orca).

Departure Time: Arrival 7.45am ready for vessel departure by 8.30am, returning at approximately 4.30pm.
*There is sometimes a slight variation due to wildlife activity and interactions or weather conditions.

Departure Location: Bremer Bay Boat Harbour (Lot 115 Swarbrick Rd, WA 6338, Australia)

Expedition Vessel: Bremer Bay’s newest, safest, and most comfortable vessel Alison Maree”, designed for the Southern Ocean with stability in mind —your ultimate pick for Whale Watching. Experience swift manoeuvrability to keep pace with Killer Whales and multiple deck areas ensuring exceptional views all day long.

Your Bremer Bay Killer Whale (Orca) Expedition Inclusions:

  • Our own Qualified Marine Biologist on board every Expedition delivering you expert commentary throughout the day!
  • Be a citizen scientist for the day, discovering first hand how you can contribute to research and scientific endeavours.
  • Our professional photographer captures the day’s highlights, which is complemented with a daily blog written by our marine biologist, conveniently delivered to your inbox the following day.
  • Indulge in a premium catering experience during your expedition, where an assortment of fresh food is seamlessly served to you throughout the day. Click here for a sample menu.
  • Enjoy a variety of refreshments including cool drinks & fresh chilled filtered water or take a break and enjoy a selection of teas, coffee & milo with biscuits.
  • Spend an extra hour with the Orca, we stay out longer than any other company, elevating your experience to the extraordinary.
  • Our Killer Whale Sightings Guarantee – See Killer Whales or join us again for FREE! T&Cs apply.

Other Marine Life You Might Encounter: On your expedition along with Killer Whales (Orca) you may also see pods of long-finned pilot whales, false Killer whales, sperm whales, a rare beaked whale or blue whale. Admire the acrobatics of large pods of dolphins, encounter various shark species, and marvel at the enormous oceanic sunfish along with a variety of stunning sea birds.

Why Choose Us?

  • Traveller Reviews: Rated #1 Tour in Bremer Bay on Tripadvisor.
  • Pioneers of Whale Watching: With over three decades of experience, we are the
    pioneers of whale watching in Western Australia's South West, including
    the groundbreaking Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expeditions.
  • Our Pupose Built Vessel: Our 23M Catamaran, the Alison Maree, is purpose-built for safety, stability, comfort and ultimate viewing opportunities. Setting the standard for safety and compliance, Alison Maree stands alone as the sole whale-watching vessel in the South West in a 1B Survey, ensuring optimal safety and compliance on the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean.
  • Everyone is a VIP: On board with Naturaliste Charters everyone is a VIP and can access the Captains Lounge and enjoy 5 star service.
  • Expert Crew: Feel secure with our experienced crew guiding you throughout the day whilst providing you with exceptional customer service.
  • Ethical & Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to responsible whale watching is unwavering. We prioritise the welfare of the whales and the marine environment. Naturaliste Charters strictly adheres to eco-friendly guidelines, ensuring minimal disturbance to the whales and their natural behaviours.

Our crew stands unparalleled in their unwavering passion, enthusiasm, and deep respect for the Bremer Bay Killer Whales. As we enter the remarkable 2024 season, we proudly celebrate a decade of excellence in the Canyon, we invite you to join us for this unforgettable journey. Book your expedition today! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Kylie M - December 2023

"This is the best, most enjoyable tour I have ever
been on. Preparation advice was excellent. This ship is incredibly comfortable and well equipped, with multiple viewing decks, two bathrooms, loads of seating, an indoor area to get out of wind/rain/sun; including slide shows and information booklets on different species, pods and individual orca previously encountered on the tour. The deck was made out of some sort of rubber material, which was non-slip, and so comfortable to stand/sit/lie upon that I took a nap directly on the deck itself. The catering was excellent, and a veritable parade of excellent food followed us from start to finish, with croissants, wraps, scrolls, cake, biscuits and fruit skewers providing excellent fare. Tea, coffee, water and ice-cold soft drinks were provided.

I got a surprise the next morning, an email from Naturaliste Charters told the story of our day, and the two photographers on board had shared a hoard of excellent photos that they had captured of the wildlife. I got to see somethings I missed (I took only my phone camera) and have some better quality photos of things I had seen. Thank you all very much for such a wonderful day, I have a feeling you'll be seeing me again, and my parents will be coming over to join a tour in the next couple of years.

Nancy D - December 2023

Amazing experience! Staff were all so attentive and kind and friendly. They were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about answering questions. They made sure everyone was feeling ok, the food was good, and we saw so many orcas. It was overall an incredible day and one of the best boat tours I've done. Thank you to the team!

If you wish to avoid the 1.5% booking fee please call our office and make your booking fee free!

Please be advised that full payment is required at least  7-14 days prior to your expedition.